Mitaka City in Tokyo ①

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Today, I am going to introduce one of my favorite place in Tokyo, Mitaka city!

First of all, I am going to tell you how to use Mitaka station.



This is the platform-wicket. Before you pass through it, you need to buy a ticket.

For example, if you want to go to Shinjuku station, you have to pay 220 yen for a ticket from Mitaka to Shinjuku, and vice versa.

After you pass through the gate, you can see like this.


there are 6 platforms and  three kinds of trains in Mitaka station; JR Chuo, Sobu and tozai. I think a lot of tourists tend to use JR Chuo line. So, I would like to explain where you can go, when you use JR Chuo line.


① From Mitaka station to Tokyo station.

If you want to go to Tokyo station, you need to use platform 5 or 6. All stations are shown below.


Mitaka Kichijoji Nishiogikubo ogikubo Asagaya Koenji Nakano Shinjuku Yotsuya Ochanomizu
三鷹→ 吉祥寺→ 西荻窪→ 荻窪→ 阿佐ヶ谷→ 高円寺→ 中野→ 新宿→ 四谷→ 御茶ノ水→


Kanda Tokyo
神田→ 東京

If you use rapid train(快速電車), you can go to all these stations. On the other hand, if you take Chuo limited express train(中央特快), you can go to ↓

Mitaka Nakano Shinjuku Yotsuya Ochanomizu Kanda Tokyo
三鷹 中野 新宿 四谷 御茶ノ水 神田 東京


② From Mitaka to Takao

In the case of going to Takao, you need to use platform 3 or 4.

Mitaka Musashisakai Higashikoganei Musashikoganei Kokubunji Nishikokubunji Kunitachi Tachikawa Hino Toyada
三鷹→ 武蔵境→ 東小金井→ 武蔵小金井→ 国分寺→ 西国分寺→ 国立→ 立川→  日野→ 豊田→
hachioji nishihachioji takao
八王子→ 西八王子→ 高尾

The case of using Chuo limited express train (中央特快), you cannot go to from Misashisakai to Musashikoganei, and Nishikokubunji and Kunitachi.


When you come to Mitaka, you will use Mitaka station so many times. I would be glad if I could help you even just a little.

Thank you for reading my article. I will probably introduce a lot of place in Japan as long as I can.

Catch you later!